Uncle Hollywood was conceptually designed in 2012 between sets at a bar in South Florida.  Patience, while not always a virtue, evolved into preparation.  Preparation evolved into opportunity.  Birds of a feather, like it what you like;  the culmination of talent and desire combined with the longing for something outside of the same old same old.  Where vanilla is the flavor of the month, Uncle Hollywood is the Ben and Jerry's of cover bands!  Be a part of the Magic.  Be a part of our troupe.  Become a part of our FAMILY and let's have some FUN!

Dave - Lead Vocals/Master of Ceremonies

Dave is a relative new comer to the Central Florida music scene, but is definitely a veteran of the art. 

An opera trained vocalist and accomplished front man, Dave has fronted original bands, done studio work in Nashville and NYC and has spent 9 of the last 11 years fronting one of South Florida's top cover bands, Stone Mojo.

Dave's primary influences are (chronologically) Elvis, Johnny Cash, John Lee Hooker, KISS, Parliament, QUEEN, Hall & Oates,  The Kinks, Billy Joel, Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche(only with Geoff Tate), Foo Fighers, Five Finger Death Punch and Stone Sour.  

Rocky - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Rocky was born into a travelling troupe of Rodeo Clown gypsies where he was forced to play EVH riffs to earn his meals.

At the age of 3 a young Rocky befriended a kindly elder wolf that taught him him how to play Smoke on the Water on guitar and he was hooked.

Rocky may one day get around to submitting his bio in his own words....

Gina - Keys/Backing Vocals

Music has always been the common golden thread intertwined through keyboardist Gina Trifiletti's life. She began taking piano lessons at age eight, and astonished her piano teacher months later when he discovered that each musical number and lesson that she played for him was perfomed "by ear." Because her mother played classical music on their piano at home, Gina could recall each piece in her head and perform it live in front of her music instructor; however, she was finally "busted" when she was given a musical piece that her mother had never played!

Gina has played keyboards in a variety of performing bands. She toured on the road with several bands, opening shows for national acts such as Wierd Al Yankovic and Lydia Lunch. She performed in a well-known Top-40 all-female house band for two years, and also drew nightly crowds in another high profile house band situation which lasted several years. An accomplished photojournalist, Gina published and edited a magazine called, "Connections" - a musical staple which shared a pulse within the Orlando entertainment industry for over a decade, as a premier informative source that featured national and local bands.

Gina's influences include Kansas, Queen, Journey, Styx, Heart, Ambrosia, Genesis, Deftones, Tool,  Radiohead, Stabbing Westward, STP, Fuel, Ry-X, Depeche Mode, BT, Hammock, Sevendust, Hooverphonic and a variety of other artists from different genres.

Terry - Drums/Perscussion/Cow Bell Master

Newer to Florida as well, Terry has been a fan of all music his entire life. Born in, and spending most of his life in the Chicago area, his first exposures included Elvis, Johnny Cash and 70’s AM radio. It was when he attended family gatherings where his older cousins lived that he was exposed to their music (KISS, Boston, Meatloaf, Foghat, etc…) that would instill the drive to become a performing musician.

Showing a strong predilection towards drums (i.e. constant tapping on every available surface with or without music), his parents enrolled him in the school band at 9 years old where he immersed himself in the technical aspects of reading, writing and playing all forms of drums and percussion in drum line (favorite), symphonic, concert and jazz band through high school. During this time he also began playing in local cover bands, often having to remain in the back recesses of clubs between sets due to being underage by more than a couple of years. All this time he was consuming a constant musical diet of classic rock, the budding 80’s L.A. scene, and both British Hard Rock and New Wave. Ultimately graduating to the original music scene, he played in several prominent Chicago rock bands, recorded and performed throughout the Midwest and is no stranger to the large stage.

Over the years, his indiscriminate musical tastes have provided him a natural ability to play multiple styles and genres with ease but he is most at home laying down a solid, driving hard rock groove heavily influenced by Clive Burr, Mikkey Dee, John Bonham and Phil Rudd. Oh, and he can also sing a little.

seeking bass player

We're looking for a Bass Player to round out our family.  Someone  who will participate in,enable, indulge, collaborate, encourage and thrive in our insanity!